How Artists Research (Monday 12th November )

We had a seminar with Juliet Laura  as will as two artists James Irwin and Kristina Pulejkova on Monday 12th December. James and Kristina showed us several digital visual projects with the research processes. These two artists both connect physical with digital reality through technology like computer programming.

One thing impressed me is that when James did the project ‘The RGB Spectrum’, he searched for the key words of his work online and found that another artist France Languérand had already got a similar outcomes, so James contacted Languérand and invited her to contribute her work to the show. It’s really interesting that although artists’ reasons for the the similar project were different, they share the researches and information in the visual fields. It provide me a approach of research that when go through my own projects, try to find if there anyone else who have done the similar works with mine and maybe I can glean some useful information from them. 

In addition, during the Q&A, Kristina mentioned that there is no necessary to show the solution or outcome within the research as a scientist do. As a artist, we just need to ongoing around the theme, don’t think too much about how to explain why we use this kind of colors and lines, it’s just our a kind of artistic practice. Besides, research is not only seeing what other people but also trying different materials, processes and getting thing together. This tip is kind of working to me. When I am doing a research, I normal be likely to focus on the outcomes ( forms) and ignore the experiments. Sometime the research could be my works.


The projects James Irwin showed




The projects Kristina Pulejkova showed






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