Reflection about the course (Monday, October 8th)

We made some discuss about Christopher Frayling’s  essay ‘Research inArt and Design’. According to this, I got fellowing reflection.

1. The express of research varies from different artworks and fields. Some of the outcomes have a close connection with the research, some of them are inspired from it. When we do research on something, it doesn’t means that our project have to focus on the specific field, but we can develop the idea inspired from it and create something new.

2. Doing research before creation. Even some talent artist like Picasso and Vincent van Gogh did research before painting like colors and the shape of lines.

3. Doing research is not just making questionnaire survey, collecting information on the internet. The category of research could be complected and specific, not simply as primary research and secondary research.

4. When work on a project, research should be done not only at the beginning of it but also during the process. Before the project, we should get the information about the context/ background and professional aesthetic etc. During the project, some experiments and practices can also be regarded as research.




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